HPV, meningitis, vaccines and heartache.

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There’s not much worse than a Facebook post about vaccines for raising your blood pressure! I am writing this blog post because when I wrote a long reply (which bizarrely failed to post and vanished from the reply box) to someone who had left me feeling insulted by her response to my share about a Cochran review about the HPV … Read More

Loving Kindness Meditation

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loving kindness meta meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation How I’ve only just come across the Metta Loving Kindness Meditation I have no idea! I will share a written version here and add a recorded version to the MP3 section for those who prefer a Guided Meditation. With my usual aim of keeping somethings in life simple and sustainable, I am keeping it a straightforward block … Read More

A public outcry that affects nothing.

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outcry politics frustration

A public outcry that affects nothing.Changes zilch. Except I feel a little better. To all the human people out there. This isn’t my normal post about fertility,  surrogacy,  health, positivity, whatever. I’m tired tonight. Emotionally, rather than physically. Though I am in a normal state of physical tiredness too. The world has gone mad. And I’m so very tired of … Read More

Happy womb, happy woman.

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Happy womb, happy woman, mizan, womb meditation

Happy womb, happy woman. How to have a happy womb? Have you ever talked to your womb? Think I’m bonkers for asking. No problem!! But have you?! How I think you have a happier womb: I suggest doing some womb meditations and some hands-on healing for a happy and balanced womb, and there are some incredible clean and accessible foods … Read More

Birth trauma and post traumatic stress

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PTSD & Birth trauma PND

Birth trauma and post-traumatic stress Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) affects so many people, and can have the most horrendous side effects and ruin many lives. Being someone who dislikes that people are put into boxes of ‘disorders’ and personalities types, I see the individuals who have been through a trauma and are having difficulty functioning or adjusting to life post … Read More

Pregnancy care

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Pregnancy care

Even if you don’t plan a birth to whale music, it doesn’t mean that hypnosis isn’t for you. Hypnotherapy and EFT can help you manage fears and feelings. Letting go of fears, that frequently aren’t even your own, they were Great Auntie Joyce’s fear that has been passed on through fear based stories, even though they meant well. Loads of … Read More

9 Tips for Long-Haul Flights with small children

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“You’re brave” is all that I heard for a month before embarking on my travels exploring Australia with my four children. The eldest being 6, a tantrum filled 3 year old & 10 month-old twins. Most people get their travelling out of their system before they have children and then settle down and enjoy ‘less […]