Birth control ideas: Fertility Awareness monitors or apps?

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Despite talking mostly about fertility with the aim of pregnancy, looking at natural birth control methods is a personal top priority at the moment. After carrying 6 babies (2 surrogate pregnancies for my friend), having four daughters of my own, and frequently seeing the devastating effects of synthetic hormone contraception and after experiencing the coil previously, I need to find … Read More

Fertility Retreats

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Our Mission Statement is simple: To nurture and support women through all fertility journeys; natural or assisted; new or lengthy. Our ‘Preparing for Pregnancy’ retreats are designed for individuals coming together in a small group. Using a bespoke combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT, Mizan Therapy, Meditations, Mindfulness, along with group activities. Supporting your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Jay Kelly, Beth Slater and … Read More

Happy womb, happy woman.

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Happy womb, happy woman, mizan, womb meditation

Happy womb, happy woman. How to have a happy womb? Have you ever talked to your womb? Think I’m bonkers for asking. No problem!! But have you?! How I think you have a happier womb: I suggest doing some womb meditations and some hands-on healing for a happy and balanced womb, and there are some incredible clean and accessible foods … Read More