A public outcry that affects nothing.

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outcry politics frustration

outcry politics frustration
A public outcry that affects nothing.Changes zilch. Except I feel a little better.

To all the human people out there. This isn’t my normal post about fertility,  surrogacy,  health, positivity, whatever.

I’m tired tonight. Emotionally, rather than physically. Though I am in a normal state of physical tiredness too.
The world has gone mad. And I’m so very tired of it all.
More than anything, I’m confused.
A confused kinda tired.

I started writing this down tonight. It wasn’t a blog. It wasn’t a journal entry. It was just an outpouring, as writing is my therapy; my punchbag.

It started as a reach out for solidarity “To all the single mothers out there.” but then I remembered all the mothers that I know that are unhappily married that are also tired.  Then I remembered all the mothers that I know that are happily married but feel they carry their family load who are also tired. Then I remembered all the happily married mothers who feel supported and like a balanced team but are also tired.
The women who are not mothers or not yet mothers, who are also tired.
Hey, it keeps going… as guess what… the men. The teens. The kids.
We have a planet of people who are tired, oh so emotionally tired, in a confused kinda way.
What I mean is, our governments are just the most unreal, non-funny comedy sketch of a show. I say this as a Brit who watched an election unfold, Brexit happen, Boris, then an unelected ‘nobody’, that, nobody I know elected, and up she gets to take centre stage.
And most of those similar to myself (not an intellectual follower of politics) are left wondering wtf?
The only thing funnier is the fact the TrumpDonald thinks he’s got a chance.

Then again, wtf?! The unthinkable happens.

And as far as I’m aware, no one I know is happy with either PM May or Trump Don and yet…

So we look at things we MAY be able to help in our lives. We say “No! No one agrees that drilling under our homes is wise idea. We have sinkholes appearing. No. We vote NO.”
And what happens.  It’s done anyway.

And then… people of the Daily Fail mentality complain that what’s wrong with this world is that we don’t punish children anymore, and they have no manners.

Oh… I’m so tired.
Stop this effing planet.

Or at least put Eddie Izzard in charge.