The person behind the steering wheel of Baby Alchemy is Jay Kelly.
First and foremost she is a woman who loves supporting other women, in all capacities. She is a mother of 4 daughters and has also carried 2 more daughters for another mother, through surrogacy. She has a passion for Women’s Health, especially utilising the power of your cycles. Believing that Natural Fertility Awareness should be in the school curriculum. Supporting from the teen years through to and beyond menopause, with Mindful Menses.

She co-hosts a Red Tent group, she facilitates the local Positive Birth Movement group, she runs ‘resilient & mindful parenting’ and ‘teen girl’ meditation groups. Jay also coordinates the Harrogate and District Red Box Project, putting boxes of sanitary products into local schools, so that there is easy access to free sanitary products for all girls and young women, so no one has to ‘make do’ #endperiodpoverty

Alongside Beth Slater, Jay co-runs Woman Kind Retreats.

When not treating clients, running workshops or writing, Jay is usually found playing with crystals, making something, or trying to get her teenagers to hang out with her.

When asked if she could do only one job, and one alone, for the rest of her life, her answer was writing. “Words have power. Words are magical. Words have the ability to move you and to heal you.”

Baby Alchemy came about because supporting women through her clinic was all very well and good, but in today’s busy times, it was getting harder to be accessible when people needed last minute appointments to fit in with wherever their fertility journey was at.
She has worked hard to create guided meditations/self-hypnosis recordings that fit in with your busy lives. Affordable downloads make this important tool accessible to far more people.
Online courses that cost a fraction of repeated one to one therapy or support sessions, and again, are far easier to access during busy times.

There is something for all needs.
If you are going through Assisted Conception, there are meditations to help you ease through down-regulation, through egg collection, on transfer day etc.
No matter how you hope to conceive, there are meditations to help you connect with your womb, to ease worries or stress, to release excess weight, to increase and improve sperm count… We could go on.
Take a look for yourself.
Some meditations are midway through recording and editing, and new meditations are added daily. Keep checking back. Or feel free to make a request.

Jay is still available for one to one sessions, so feel free to drop her a line to see if there is a time for you. For information on sessions and a price list take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thank you for your support, as we go about supporting you. Teamwork!