Jay Kelly Fertility Hypnotherapy & Support
About Jay Kelly

First and foremost Jay is a woman who loves supporting other women, in all capacities. She is a mother of 4 daughters and has also carried 2 more daughters for another mother, through surrogacy. She has a passion for Women’s Health, especially fertility support, and utilising the power of your cycles. Believing that Natural Fertility Awareness should be in the school curriculum. Supporting from the teen years through to and beyond menopause.

Voluntary Work
She co-hosts a Red Tent group, she facilitates the local Positive Birth Movement group in Harrogate. Jay also coordinates the Harrogate and District Red Box Project, putting boxes of sanitary products into local schools, so that there is easy access to free sanitary products for all girls and young women, so no one has to ‘make do’ #endperiodpoverty


Alongside Beth Slater, Jay co-runs Woman Kind Retreats.

When not treating clients, running workshops or writing, Jay is usually found playing with crystals, making something, or trying to get her teenagers to hang out with her.

When asked if she could do only one job, and one alone, for the rest of her life, her answer was writing. “Words have power. Words are magical. Words have the ability to move you and to heal you.”

Jay is available for sessions in her therapy space in Harrogate, Luna Treatment Rooms, and works online, supporting women and men internationally too.
Feel free to drop her a line if you have any queries. For information on sessions and a price list take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thank you for your support, as we go about supporting you. Teamwork!